Media Training That Is Masterly and Fun

A personalized training that preserves the style of each participant and brings out the best of him.

Media Territory Is Unfamiliar
and Unsettling

We are not prepared for the daunting physical environment of a television studio.

We Teach Politicians, Executives, and Public Figures to Be at Their Best in Media Interviews

They Learn to

We Offer Two Courses

Media Training

The trainees learn how to convey their messages clearly and powerfully, and feel confident and relaxed on TV and in any interview situation. 

We also give them tips and techniques to improve their public speaking skills, turning them into expert communicators ready for any type of speaking situation.

Arabic Media Training

Our flagship creation. Media Training—with an extra. It combines standard Media Training with an intensive Arabic refresher course that will brush up your Arabic in no time, putting the essentials of Arabic grammar and stylistics in a condensed easy-to-remember format. 

We take pride in improving Arabic proficiency significantly, so that the trainee will be able to communicate with Arab news channels fluently and with confidence, in correct Arabic, in the style proper to these media.

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